Conveying your message to those who speak and understand the language other than yours.
Our Global Village is a Junction of World Wide Business and dealing with people who DO NOT speak or understand your language is inevitable.

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  • At Language Preside we have a clear vision about translation. Our definition of translation is simple. One must be able to convey one’s message clearly, without any complications and confusions, to those who speak and understand some other language.

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Why Language Preside?

We are in the 21st Century and the need to be understood by people we deal with has attained a supreme importance never felt before in the history of International Business. At Language Preside we strive constantly and tirelessly to ensure that you are understood clearly and faultlessly by the people you need to talk to, regardless of situation, culture or mother tongue

Research Skills : Another quality which we demand from our translators is readiness and ability to research. Often the client will provide notes to guide the translator but extra research is regularly required in order to translate documents to a high quality.

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